Multilayer PCBs

Layer up your technology with our multilayer PCBs.

Multilayer PCBs, as opposed to their conventional counterparts with one or two conductive layers, come with a sandwich of several copper-clad laminates. This category features any PCB with four or more conductive layers. Imagine these PCBs as a sandwich, with multiple double-sided conductive layers separated by sheets of insulating material. These layers are bonded under high pressure and heat to ensure no air gaps and a sturdy structure. The real advantage of these advanced boards lies in their enhanced durability, space-saving design, and capability to support more complex circuit designs.

Products Specifications

Product Specifications Standard Capability
PCB Thickness 0.4 to 3.2 mm
Layer Count Up to 10 Layers
Maximum Board Size 750 x 450 mm
Line / Spacing 4 mil / 4 mil
Via Holes Blind / Buried / Through
Minimum Drill 0.15 mm
SMD Pitch 16 Mil
Aspect Ratio 5:1
Electrical Testing 250 V
Finish Tin Lead HAL, Lead-Free HAL, ENIG & OSP
Tg 135, 150, 170
Selective Hard Gold Plating

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