Flexible PCBs

Shape your electronics with our flexible PCBs.

Flexible PCBs are increasingly crucial in our drive for compact and innovative electronics. Their standout traits - adaptability, resilience, and design flexibility - suit emerging applications and trends. Unlike traditional rigid PCBs, they can bend and twist, ensuring circuit safety and functionality. Being thin and lightweight, flexible PCBs foster sleek designs, reducing device weight - a boon for the aerospace, automotive, and wearable tech industries.

Products Specifications

Product Specifications Standard Capability
Single Side PCB Thickness 0.10 mm
Double Side PCB Thickness 0.15 mm
Maximum Board Size 300 x 1000 mm
Line / Spacing 5 mil / 5 mil
Via Holes Through PTH
Minimum Drill 0.4 mm
SMD Pitch 16 Mil
Electrical Testing 250 V
Finish PCBs with ENIG, OSP
Selective Hard Gold Plating
Suitable for Dynamic & Fixed application
Available with stiffener of Metal, PI, or FR 4 base

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