Double Sided PCBs

Break through design limits with our double-sided PCBs.

Double-sided printed circuit boards offer an enhanced level of complexity compared to their single-sided counterparts. They feature conductive material on the board on both sides and conductive material inside the holes, enabling intricate design possibilities. With the ability to switch between top and bottom layers using vias, these boards facilitate closer routing traces. Connections between the two sides of the board are achieved by drilling holes and plating through them, making these boards ideal for numerous electronic products requiring interconnected circuits.

Products Specifications

Product Specifications Standard Capability
PCB Thickness 0.4 to 3.2 mm
Maximum Board Size 750 x 450 mm
Line / Spacing 4 mil / 4 mil
Minimum Drill 0.15 mm
SMD Pitch 16 Mil
Aspect Ratio 5:1
Electrical Testing 250 V
Finish Tin Lead HAL, Lead-Free HAL, ENIG & OSP
Tg 135, 150, 170
Selective Hard Gold Plating

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