Metal Clad PCBs

Experience unrivalled thermal performance with our MCPCBs.

Metal Clad Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCBs) were originally developed for high-power applications and found extensive use in LEDs due to their ability to lower junction temperatures. The demand for these metal PCBs has significantly increased with the recent surge in the LED lighting industry. Today, thanks to their excellent thermal conductivity and stability, MCPCBs are utilised in various applications, right from industrial to automotive.

Products Specifications

Product Specifications Standard Capability
PCB with Thermal conductivity 1 w/mk, 2 w/mk, 3 w/mk, 5 w/mk, 10 w/mk, 12 w/mk
Maximum Board Size 1200 X 350 MM
PCB with Thickness 0.2 to 2.0 mm
Profile Routing, V Grooving or Punching
Bendable application 0.2 to 1.6 mm thick
Finish PCBs with Lead Tin HAL, Lead Free HAL, OSP, ENIG
High Reflective Ink
High Breakdown Voltage
Highly Intricate profile

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