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Elevating tech innovations with precision PCB manufacturing.

Driven by ingenuity and technical know-how, Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd. has continually evolved and flourished. Our focus on research and partnership with clients enables us to create fitting solutions for intricate technical hurdles. Venturing into fresh markets has broadened our skillset, allowing us to cater to an array of product categories. As a dependable ally to numerous clients across industries like automotive, medical electronics, computer peripherals, LED lighting, telecommunications, and process control, we embody the symbiosis of innovative growth and customer-focused service.


Comprehensive solutions for the challenge across industries.

PCBs are an integral part of modern vehicles, influencing everything from engine controls to safety features and communication channels. With ongoing advances in vehicle technology and automation, the need for robust, reliable PCBs continues to escalate.

At Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd., our automotive PCBs are precisely engineered to support specific applications and withstand real-world conditions, irrespective of whether they're housed in the dashboard or inside the vehicle. We uphold the highest design and testing standards, ensuring our PCBs operate flawlessly and contribute safely to your driving experience.

Power Electronics

Precision-crafted PCBs for high- performance power electronics.

Printed Circuit Boards are essential in power electronics, functioning as the fundament that enables the reliable operation of devices such as generators, inverters, high-power rectifiers, and energy meters. These intricate components, central to the control and management of electrical power, require skillfully crafted, high copper thickness PCBs for fail-safe performance.

At Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd., we understand this critical dependency and, thus, devote our efforts towards the precision-driven manufacture of PCBs that meet these exacting demands.

Process Control

Process control solutions elevated by our sophisticated PCBs.

As the use of AI, robotics, automated lines, and special-purpose machines grows in various industries, so does the need for effective remote-control solutions. Printed circuit boards ensure smooth operation and reliable electronic connections between controllers and industrial equipment.

Recognising the significant impact of modern and hi-tech, we've strategically focused on creating circuit board assemblies that meet exact industrial requirements with precision and reliability.


PCBs tailored for the telecom industry's growing needs.

From IoT to advanced 5G networks, telecommunications plays an essential role in our lives. This reliance on connectivity necessitates superior signal quality, broader bandwidth, and reduced latency, thereby influencing PCB technologies' evolution. Understanding the base materials' core attributes is crucial in this development.

By partnering with Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd., we ensure your telecom PCB design aligns with the right manufacturing standards and materials, facilitating a seamless transition from design to production. This synergy aids in fulfilling the growing demands of the telecommunications sector.

Medical Electronics

Specialty PCBs for cutting-edge healthcare technologies.

In an ever-evolving medical sector marked by innovation and digital trends like e-health, Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable provider of custom-made Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). We adhere to rigorous quality standards, implementing meticulous processes and ensuring cleanliness.

Our PCBs, designed with precision and adaptability in mind, cater to various medical instrumentation needs across diverse care and lab settings. We focus on exceeding customer expectations in every PCB we fabricate, cultivating trust and quality in our products and services.

Industrial Electronics

Custom-built PCBs designed for intensive industrial use.

At the core of industrial electronics are Printed Circuit Boards, primarily used in high-powered applications. These durable and resilient PCBs control various operations across factories and manufacturing facilities. They're engineered to handle extensive use, extreme stress, and tough conditions, ensuring reliable functionality during industrial installations.

With our broad expertise, we create PCBs that are not only robust under severe conditions but also tailored to fit your unique requirements.

Computer Peripherals

Ingenious PCBs tailored for your advanced computer peripherals.

PCBs are fundamental to computer peripherals, bridging intricate interactions between varied components. In response to the escalating demand for advanced PCBs, Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd. crafts tailored PCBs for computer peripherals, including keyboards, printers, scanners, motherboards, etc. Each PCB is fabricated under stringent quality standards to ensure superior performance and durability.

Leveraging deep industry expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we produce PCBs that reflect precision and innovation, exceeding the growing needs of the computer peripherals industry and attesting to our reliability as a PCB manufacturer.

LED Lighting

Innovative PCBs for optimal thermal performance in LED systems.

LEDs, customised for various applications like buildings, vehicles, and aviation, are seeing widespread adoption. This trend has fueled the growth of the LED lighting industry, which seeks efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd. excels in addressing these needs, offering custom PCBs designed to meet the thermal requirements of LED systems. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures top-notch application performance, establishing us as a trusted partner in the expanding LED lighting industry.


All-encompassing PCB capabilities tailored to your needs

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